Resources of note:

ICAO emissions calculator – uses real emissions data gathered from hundreds of airlines operators around the world. This put every other flight emissions calculator to shame. ICAO uses multi sourced Real data, not a theoretical calculator based on some a European model or a cherry picked “interpretation“ of what might happen!

Travel Time Calculator:

The GTAA ground lease of Pearson airport and the infamous section 44:

The city of pickering supports the airport. Its website is a good place to start.

The mayor of the city of Pickering.

The GTAAs new 2017 draft master plan: Chapter 6 on airside plans is notable for what it does and dosnt say about Pearson airport’s capacity restrictions.

A summary of the Polonsky report recomendations. Dr. Gary Polonsky indepth report on the Pickering lands was the first independent report concerning the Pickering lands in decades. Over a dozen other “studies” have been financed by the two main groups opposed to building a new airport (the GTAA, and a group run by the tenants and local residents called Land over landings). The Polonski report is notable as the first effort to dig past the barrier of self interest to consult a broad spectrum of the community.

From TVO : A interesting background piece from TVO in 2015, even mentions the airpark, refers to land over landings, although the author did not appear to be aware of the land over landing financial conflict of interest.   Three of the LOL executives, although not original land owners, are tenants on the Pickering lands and some members are running businesses (hobby to commercial farms ) on a Billion dollars of publicity owned land leased seemingly at a deep discount. The failure of land over landing to disclose this conflict of interest is a consistent problem for all reporters.

Discussion of pickering lands lease rates.

The current Pickering airport site zoning regulations. Updated as of 2018, the site has been set aside for an airport for 45 years.