2 thoughts on “Pickering Airport Brochure: Facts and Considerations

  1. Come on Mark. None of this is fact or true. Urban strategies?? Paid propaganda. Not an aviation pro among the lot. Russian bot trainer….?
    10 b $ for 10,000 jobs, in maybe 10 years?? With Oshawa 10 miles down the road?? That is nuts. Aviation has a 50 year history of outrunning those planners. Go read the predictions of gtaa’s 2007 master plan..

    1. Hi Ivan, the Facts and Considerations are well vetted. If you have opposing facts then please post. As for aviation growth, we are 10% above the best prediction from the 2010 needs assessment. In 2018 Pearson did more passengers than what was predicted for all of GTA region. This trend is accelerating.

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