Pickering Airport Featured in COPA Magazine


The Canadian Owners and Pilots Association (COPA) is featuring an article from The Friends of Pickering Airport ( a sub group of COPA flight 44) in the April edition.

Great timing as the just released KPMG report has recommended a path to building out Pickering Airport. The 491 page KPMG report is suggestion building an industrial/General Aviation airport with an 8500 ft runway that can be quickly expanded. Over 100 pages of the KPMG report is dedicated to a business plan that show an 8% return and profitability within 5 years. More on the KPMG report shortly.

Additional  references :

Facts on personal travel by car, including data on the 1.5 average traveler per car.



One thought on “Pickering Airport Featured in COPA Magazine

  1. Every comment made within this small part of the KPMG document is a rational for the existing Oshawa airport at zero cost now and which can be grown AS NEEDED at a fraction of this cost. GET real. This KPMG report is not real, not even close. it is an embarrassment to Transport Canada and its Minister.

    This article is you, telling you that you are great. Ha Ha. COPA had a report from you & your “buds” back in 2015 that reviewed the NASPL . They never ran the math in the capacity argument..(how dumb was that). as in … there are 360 day /year that the airport is open, not the 320 used…..the airport is fully open and operational 18 hrs a day, not the 10 hrs. used in the “max.” capacity calculation. Back then their hourly capacity result was “119” movements /hr. .. is by calculation actually. 119.46 (oops) on a 5 runway airport. GTAA now (2017) estimate 110m/h. and only “plan” for 90. They are going backwards. As ENG said to me at the last AGM. We can’t do that”.. ( oops again). ….WHY?

    Never met a writer or a lawyer who could do basic math. Go read it. Chapter 5 GTAA’s 2007 master plan.Page 11. It’s grade 10 math.

    (However did you get an instructors rating without reading/doing (Theory & Mechanics of Flight) “Kermode”.)

    Check it out. 119.46 x 360 x 18 X 1.03 (3% nite time allowance)=. ??? XXXXXX. annual 2007 max. capacity for 5 runways.
    Then show me your stuff …..
    .. work it out for 6 runways, …..
    Then work it out for the new 90 movements/hr (from the 2017 plan for twinned runways vice the old 75 in 2007) for 2037
    and/or use the 86 movements/hr KPMG use on twinned runways
    and/or the 10% IFR weather planning # KPMG use from Buttonville (wow , super dumb eh! and illegal) vice the 14 % Toronto actually has.

    Show me your stuff . It’s grade 10 stuff. Just do the math..No BS.. we are doing MAX capacity .;-))).

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