Future Air Mobility – Complementing Public Transit

By Ted Nickerson A flight arrives at Pickering Airport from Winnipeg.  The passengers deplane, collect their baggage, and face the final challenge of modern air travel, getting from the airport to their destination. Most will proceed either to their private car in the parking lot, a car rental location, the onsite bus stop, to the […]

How e-Regional Air Freight will Change Everything

By Mark Brooks Two new aviation technologies are about to change our world in general, and Canada specifically, in ways most can not imagine today.  The easiest method to explain a technology trend is to look into the future, so let’s leap forward a dozen years and find out how the aircraft in the picture […]

e-Regional airlines and Pickering Airport

By Mark Brooks When it opens in 2029, the new airport in Pickering, Ontario will start with basic infrastructure and carefully created zoning and development policies that will enable it to grow into an aerotropolis. To Canada’s flock of small market and specialty airlines, Pickering’s minimal infrastructure will be just what they need. A fresh […]