Future Air Mobility – Complementing Public Transit

By Ted Nickerson A flight arrives at Pickering Airport from Winnipeg.  The passengers deplane, collect their baggage, and face the final challenge of modern air travel, getting from the airport to their destination. Most will proceed either to their private car in the parking lot, a car rental location, the onsite bus stop, to the […]

Aviation to Beat Road Transportation to Net-zero Carbon Emissions with SAF

By Mark Brooks Aviation is set to soar in a post-COVID global economy with thousands of new aircraft on order, and a public eager to travel for business and pleasure. Airbus now has over 7,000 orders for new A320 aircraft and more than 600 orders for its fuel-efficient A220, doubling the Airbus fleet worldwide. Boeing […]

Aviation’s Two Paths To A Net-Zero Carbon Future

  By Mark Brooks Our planet is on fire and the status quo just doesn’t cut it. Although aviation produces only 2.5% of global carbon emissions, its role as the lynchpin of the global economy has made it a symbol of a net-zero carbon future. Two starkly different visions of that future present opposing paths […]